1. Via Instagram http://ift.tt/1ixH5q1 On assignment for WWF Romania in the northern forests of Romania, where the Open Borders project tries to provide connected habitats for bears in Romania and Ukraine. | www.wwf.ro

  2. Via Instagram http://ift.tt/1gE54ji Looking for bears in the northern forests of Romania with the WWF. Didn’t find them.

  3. Via Instagram http://ift.tt/1qHGtkl Working again with WWF Romania. Open borders for bears conference, Baia Mare.

  4. Via Instagram http://ift.tt/1ilvYR8 Fine day in Baia Mare, Romania.

  5. The hot sessions Fitness shoot.
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  6. Via Instagram http://ift.tt/1gqaKxj The hot sessions. | www.doruoprisan.com

  7. Via Instagram http://ift.tt/1ee1MZ1 Biking near Bucharest, a few days ago. #comana #bucharest #biking #ridemore #bw #lumiabw #forest #spring #fun #instadaily

  8. Changing paths Abandoning the well known road and choosing a new one is not without fear. Nor without beauty.
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  9. Via Instagram http://ift.tt/PsOZX5 Superthirst.

  10. Via Instagram http://ift.tt/1ed3Evq Biking around Bucharest a few days ago.